A Car Accident Had Me Seeing a Chiropractor

I had considered going to a chiropractor in Sacramento several times in the past because I had read a lot of good things about them, and I knew that they would be a good addition to my health care team. One thing or another always happened though, and I just never found the time to do anything about it. That all changed when I was in a minor car accident though. For being so minor, it sure felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck after a few days.

I knew that I needed to finally go see a chiropractor, because I was pretty certain I had the classic auto accident condition of whiplash. Even though I was wearing my seat belt and it was a low impact collision, my head still hit the head rest in my car pretty hard. I thought nothing of it the first day because I figured it was normal to have pain and be uncomfortable, no matter how minor the accident was. However, by day three, I knew that something was wrong. I already knew which chiropractor I wanted to see because of my past interests in going to one, so I called them to make an appointment.

I was very relieved when they had me come in that day. Because I was involved in an auto accident and the pain was getting worse rather than better after a few days, they wanted to make sure that major damage had not been done. I had X-rays done, and they determined after those and a physical examination that it was a classic case of whiplash. I had my first adjustment that day, and I went back on a regular basis the next few weeks. My neck felt much better after those adjustments, and I go back on a less frequent basis now to continue to have adjustments done.

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