Staying Healthy Through Better STD Education

Preventative medicine is not just about laboratory testing and screenings. It is also about learning more about avoiding common health risks and that is what the people behind the website wants everyone to understand. STD education helps people to avoid many diseases, makes it easier to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of diseases and infections and motivates many to undergo the testing necessary to determine if they need treatment. Staying abreast of this information is important because people do not always have to be sexually active to be at risk. There are many activities that people perform daily that put them at risk of infection.

  • Having intimate personal contact without any actual intercourse or penetration.
  • Infections passed from mother to child during birth.
  • Sharing needles with an infected person.
  • Having contact with the blood of an infected person. Common methods include sharing razors, or having tattoos or piercings performed at unsanitary businesses.
  • Hepatitis A can be spread through food if the meal is prepared by someone with the disease that has not properly washed their hands.
  • Sharing towels, undergarments or swimsuits. Always keep underwear on when trying on clothing and wash all new clothes in hot water before wearing.
  • Having a bikini wax at a salon that does not change out the supplies and sterilize their tools between each client.
  • Sleeping on unwashed sheets.
  • Direct contact with a toilet seat following its use by someone with an infection. Squat over the seat rather than allow the skin to touch anything. Toilet seat liners are ineffective at preventing the spread of communicable diseases.

Many of these methods carry a very low risk of infection when compared to the risk that sexual activity presents. However, they can potentially spread infections without the victim every realizing it has happened. Waiting for health concerns to appear is dangerous because many STDs have symptoms that mimic common illnesses like skin rashes or the flu. Testing is the only way to know for certain that someone is infected. It is something everyone should do for themselves and their current and future partners. Experts recommend annual testing for everyone that is sexually active.

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